Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sewing One Oh... Oh No.

I tried to learn how to sew today on this dinosaur of a sewing machine. The lady who was trying to teach me did a really great job of figuring out all of the archaic ins and outs of this thing. She finally got the thing threaded and ready to go, however the thread wouldn't catch the bobbin and even google coudn't even help us with that one. We surrendered. Time to call a professional - they better be old. Ancient sewing machine: one - the two of us: nada. We do live to try again another day, however. We will succeed.

Knitting is going well. My studio time consists of cutting sheets for an hour and a half and then knitting for a couple of hours. I usually spend  three to four hours at a time in the studio.

I am playing with the idea of getting this thing mostly constructed and dying it. I realize some of the underlying patterns and colors will show through, but I think it will need something to unify it. My previous knitted piece was tied in on itself and linked together, so unification by color wasn't necessary. Since this piece will hang from the ceiling and  have the two columns I'm thinking that it will need to have a similar color to them.

In each of the two columns there will be an abstracted mass that will represent an figure.  Think this form, but without the snake:

There will be a third column but it will be very short and no 'figure' inside of it.

The red knitting on is the start of the 'net' that the columns will hang from. I like knitting on the straight part much less than the round, but I think I got a system working out for me now.

The working title of this piece is Portrait of a Family Consumed and will represent my husband, myself and a child that we lost early in the pregnancy. This will also speak on how quickly and easily we can get consumed by the unimportant things in life: our wants and desires for things and stuff, and how if you give into that consistently and continually it could lead you down a path of self destruction and spiritual death.

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