Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ginger Rogers? I think not.

I was asked if I had considered creating under a pseudonym at the end of class; which I  hadn't. The thought of creating art under an assumed name was spectacular and brilliant; considering my day job. I really embraced and latched onto that idea and thought of all the wonderful things that could be done with an assumed identity. I thought of Gunther von Hagens who is a scientist/artist who dresses like a doctor in one of Rembrandt's paintings, The Guerrilla Girls who fight against the injustices towards women in the art world while wearing guerrilla masks to maintain their anonymity, Knitta(Please)  who is a group of graffiti knitters, and The Art Guys who are a couple of guys who create art together. While not all of these artists are anonymous, they are still creating art under an assumed name or identity.

Brilliant, romantic, and some would consider freeing... but it's not for me. In all things I do I try to be honest and transparent. To those who know me will attest that I speak my mind and say what I feel. I offend people, usually unintentionally. I don't like it, it doesn't make me feel good, but it happens. The conflict, then, is with my art. I have been playing it safe. I haven't been as daring as I could be. My art doesn't match my personality. So, I'm going to go there - where ever 'there' is. I'm not going to bend on my core beliefs,  but I will push the limit of my art. 

Besides, trying to keep up with two of me sounds time consuming. I don't have the time or the head space. PLUS - I've tried it before in another aspect of my life.... it ended up with a broken leg and a broken team.

 The artist as Holy Roller: Roller Derby Queen

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