Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Response to DFW Whippersnapper Artists


I like that this article gives me permission to go angry, weird and basically go bat crap crazy on my art. (Did you notice the use of the word crap? I’m too polite to say sh*t in mixed company). But that is part of who I am. Does my art have to be angry and crazy to be good?

Just do it – more than likely no one will notice one way or the other! I love that, as a theory! While working on one of my sculptures this summer Joe told me I should take the ‘go big or go home’ approach. There was only so much of ‘going big’ I could do in a six weeks class without abandoning my other projects, but you can bet I am going to ‘go big’ now that I have some time, hopefully! I love the ‘just throw everything at it and see what sticks’ thought. I had the opportunity to go paint at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Teacher Institute for Contemporary Art a few years ago, and that is pretty much what was told us then. Who knows what the future will look back on and say was ‘good art’? Not anyone I know.

This is in stark contrast to the art that does well in my community. It tends to be very conservative and ‘safe’. There are some exceptions, but for the most part the art that does well is pretty, landscape or still life, and not very sensational.

I do not throw caution to the wind easily. Taking the ‘just go crazy’ approach isn’t normally my thing. I talk a big talk, but usually tippy-toe when it comes to the ‘walk the walk’ part.

I am making strives in the right direction; however. I mean, I’m creating art that is personal and meaningful. AND… I create the art that my husband tells me I should probably reconsider (and it is generally well received).

Oh yeah –  that’s me jacking stuff up and going weird. Throw ya’ rawk fist if ya hear me (but, only if you want too).

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