Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thoughts on the Presentation of My Work.

1st thought group: Oh no. That's not working. Time to get back to SERIOUSLY working out.

2nd thought group: I'm still doing that nose in the air thing. I hate that my glasses slip down my nose, and I guess all of that 'being conscience that you look like a stuck up brat when you do that' was long forgotten, because it does seem as if I'm looking down my nose... BUT, the camera angle IS low...

3rd thought group (and the only one that was really wanted): I wasn't really sure this was a Q&A type presentation, and I expected to just kind of go straight through it. With that being said I feel that I presented my work well and answered all of the questions honestly. I stayed pretty even keel emotionally and tonally. When the answers to some of the questions were 'I'm still trying to figure that out' or 'I'm not sure' I didn't come across as confident as I would have liked.

I do appreciate all of the comments and suggestions on my work. As a result of this lecture I'm at a fissure of what direction to take my work in next. I had originally planned on going in a pretty drastically different direction with making a series of headdresses based on different historical and cultural pieces but change them up so that they represent the things that we as a society and culture make important. So, if a headdress is something that is worn in ceremony and of important significance I would then be making headdresses to represent what we (and I) tend to put as the most important things in our lives. Money, technology, 'stuff', and sexuality were a few areas that I wanted to explore.

I do see the need to refine and continue to work with the fabric. There were a lot of questions that still need to be answered. What do you do when you create something and you aren't conceptually sure about?

 You create more.


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