Monday, September 3, 2012

It makes me want to gouge my eyes out...

I just taught my kids (synonym for students) the critical method of critiquing art. The steps included description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. Most of my kids have never thought any way to look at art, and I like this method for them because it gives steps and is relatively easy to follow.

I do not have a little flash card in my pocket that has the steps of the critical method written on that I whip out any time I am looking at new art. I think I do what almost anyone else does – I rely a lot on instinct, and rely some on my education. I take into consideration my emotional response first. What am I feeling as I look at this art? I ask myself why am I feeling like this? What about this artwork makes me think that? Is there anything that I feel could be done differently in this art to make it better? 

When I am going around watching my kids create their art I am mainly looking for effort, attention to detail, and if they are following directions (if they are not following directions they need to be able to tell my WHY they are breaking the law and how it is going to improve their work). ‘What could you do to make this section a little stronger’ and ‘what’s going on here, what do you think you can do differently’ are some things that I say to my kids, along with some ‘nice jobs’ and occasionally a ‘that’s a hot mess’.

NO love, that dress does NOT make you look fat. However, it IS see through. You desperately need a slip.

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