Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snails Need Love, Too

My response to Vaughn’s lecture on his work.

Does being an artist come with responsibility? Yes, it seems it does.

I was pleased that Vaughn seemed honest and transparent when he talked about his feelings towards his work. I once was in a workshop with a teacher who said that mediocrity did not leave his studio. I had to think if I had every created anything that I didn’t consider more than mediocrity. In his lecture Vaughn mentioned several times that he was showing his work to various people but would undermine his work by saying ‘oh, just wait until you see what’s coming next’. That is very relatable.

I haven’t seen pin hole photography in a long while. I think my last experiment ended up all black. I’m still a tad confused about the process. Do you process the negative in a darkroom, and then scan them into a digital file and have that printed somewhere? What does it mean by you do ‘everything wrong you can think of in the darkroom’? Where do the black border/splashes come from? Non photography inquiring minds want to know.

Over all of his art that Vaughn showed I would have to say that his earlier assemblages were what caught my attention the most. That is probably since I am a 3D’er myself.  He said that he would walk around looking for places to shoot and would come across these things that were beautiful. These things (corn, rocks, snails, etc.) eventually made there way into a series of assemblages that were smart and sophisticated.

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