Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Artist Statement

In the corner of my bedroom growing up was my mother’s sewing machine and scrap fabric pile. Among the ever growing mountain of fabric were clothes long outgrown, old curtains, sheets worn thin, and other fabrics that had a variety of roles in my life. As a teenager with a rather peculiar sense of style I once had to rescue my favorite, hideous dress from the depths of the scrap fabric pile; sentenced to impending doom. Out in the world today there are large amounts of discarded fabrics that have played prominent roles in someone’s life.
We spend approximately thirty six percent of our lives depositing hair, dead skin cells, various bodily fluids, and other proofs of life through our sheets into our mattresses while we sleep. The suggestion of spiritual death permeates through my knitted pieces with the use of discarded sheets. By choosing this media, I am alluding to how much of our lives can easily be spent on the ‘stuff’ of the world that we can quickly be consumed with if we are not mindful; things that do not matter when seen in the big picture of life.
In relation to the knitted pieces the flag pieces are an exploration of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs on politics and the state of our nation as it stands today. I feel that to be a responsible citizen of America you need to know what you believe politically and why you believe it. By exploring familiar iconography and texts I am solidifying my political beliefs why encouraging the viewer to question theirs.

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