Monday, September 3, 2012

20+ Questions

When do you plan on graduating?  I intend on graduating from A&M Texarkana with my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction at the end of Summer I, 2013.

What are your plans and goals for after graduation? Please be as specific as possible. How do you plan on making a living?
After graduation I intend to continue to work in my school district as an art educator while continuing to create and grow artistically.  However, the more I am working with the art department at TAMUC the more I am thinking more and more about the option of working in higher education, specifically in the art department. I am curious about the pros and cons of working at this level, especially the politics. I didn’t think you could get much more political than working in a high school.

Establish a budget for yourself, post-graduation. What does it cost to live in a manner that you’d be comfortable? Again, be specific. Do you have school loans, credit card debt? Need insurance? A place to live?  I have no student loans or credit card debt. My credit score is currently 0 – which is perfect in my eyes (thank you Dave Ramsey). My husband has school loans which we are making great strides towards paying off, and we just procured our very first car payment. Except for the car we will be debt free by the end of 2014 (or very near it). Our rent is not an ungodly amount and we work hard to live within our means, but it’s not without sacrifices. We do not have cable or satellite, and we shared a vehicle for two and a half years. We do not take big vacations and we monitor our spending closely.

Do you require any special equipment to make your work or start your business (for example, a wood shop, studio, video equipment, cameras, computers, printers) that might be cost-prohibitive or difficult to access after you graduate? If so, what kind?  I am so glad you asked this question. As an undergrad I worked some with metal and welding, and I really enjoyed it. After graduating we lived in apartments and were just scraping by, and welding in the apartment or renting a studio was out of the question. I was at a loss for a little while on which direction to go with my art. I love all of the equipment, space and supplies we have access to here on campus; however it is an ideal situation. Most new graduates will not be able to go by a large format printer, or have space for a wood shop. I may eventually need more space, but I basically have everything I need to continue working on my sculptures. Our house was designed to have a formal dining room, and since we are not formal dining people I ripped up the shag carpet, moved my studio in and the random crap that was in there out.

Name five people that will write letters of recommendation for you? Bryan Phillips – Director of  Community involvement at Texarkana Regional Humanities and Arts Council. Bill Harp – Principal at Plesant Grove High School. Brad Bailey – Principal at Texas High School, Angela Melde – Head of the department of art at Texas High School. Tonya Byrd – Childrens Director at Heritage Baptist Church.

What kind of job would you most like to find?  I would most like to find a job that involves traveling the world (expenses on the company) using my creativity skills in a way that I find stimulating and satisfying.

What kind of job do you expect to find? If I choose to change jobs I expect I could find a job fairly easily at a junior college or arts center. I would like to be able to compete for jobs at universities, or museums as education coordinators.

Name either a dozen potential employers, clients or galleries, depending on your goals.

Art Church Gallery – Hot Springs
Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council Gallery - Texarkana
The Silvermoon on Broad Gallery – Texarkana
Texas A&M Texarkana Library Gallery – Texarkana
The Blue Moon Gallery – Hot Springs
Taylor’s Contemporanea Fine Arts Gallery -  Hot Springs
Gallery Central Fine Art – Hot Springs

Potential Employers
Texarkana College
Texas A&M Texarkana
Texas Christian University
University of North Texas
Trinity Valley Community College

Do you plan to live off freelance work or commissions (perhaps in addition to a part-time job)? I haven’t to this point, but it is something that I would like to pursue.

What did you do this summer to move you toward your goals? I took Joe’s Summer II class and created 5 sculptures in 6 weeks. What art have you seen this summer? I was able to see the art of my classmates, and as well as various art online.  How much work did you make? I created five medium scale sculptures as well as maintained work in my art journals.

Do you have a portfolio of your work? Website? Blog? Can you tell me in 30 seconds what your work is about? Do it. I do not have a portfolio of my work, my website is in progress and as of today I have a blog. My work is about erasing the topmost superficial layer of humanity in America as well as in myself and exposing the deeply dark and breathtakingly beautiful things that are lurking there.

What artists, musicians, photographers, writers, movies, books have influenced you/your work?
Artists: Josh Simpson, Sarah Sze, Andrea Zittle, Shane Aslan Selzer, Kara Walker, Traci Bunkers, Angela Melde, Scott Smedley, Debbie Nicholas, Polly Cook, Nina Cork,  Nicole Briscoe, James Tisdale, Caravaggio, Gustav Klimt…
Musicians: Jimmy Buffett, The Dave Matthews Band, David Crowder, Florence + the Machine, basically any 90’s rock, I love all types of music and have the radio on a majority of the time.
Photographers: Annie Leibovitz, David Gibson
Movies: Any well made shoot 'em up kill 'em movie.
Books: The Bible, and I usually read fiction (No, I am NOT including The Bible as fiction).

Please share any important websites that you are referencing for art/photo competitions and/or information. Name at least five of them.

Ceramic Arts Daily
Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council

** I do not actually subscribe or watch these, but they showed up in my google search for Call for Artists

What do you feel is lacking in your education to prepare you for your future? What is lacking in your portfolio? Please be specific. I feel that I still need to create more work to really know what is missing in my portfolio. I would like to know more about the art world in order to know what to expect as I continue to create more work and market myself.

Why does someone want to hire you? What makes you unique? Someone wants to hire me because I am confidant in myself, and I know my business. I am friendly and personable, and I live by a moral and ethical code that I try not to compromise on (never say never, right?) and would like to say that I do not judge others who do not live or think as me (but really that is for others to decide).

What are your rules? Treat others as greater than yourself. More love for others and self.

Where are the boundaries? Rudeness with out provocation, someone trying to make me feel inferior, and jacking with my close friends and family.

What do you expect:
   From your professor? Consistency, honesty, fairness, and to push me when needed.
   From this seminar? To be exposed to new concepts, artworks and ideas that I haven’t experienced.
   From your degree? To enable me to be competitive in my current and future career.
   From your peers? Consistency, honesty, fairness, and to push me when needed.

What is it you want to say? That underneath the façade that people tend to put up we are all very similar.
Is art the right language for the message? I believe it is.

Who do you align yourself with? People who tend to have the same values as me, and people who will love me enough to correct me when I’m wrong, and stand beside me to fight when I am right. I have a lot of casual friends, but few friends that I consider close.

Does craft matter? Cite examples. I feel that craft does matter in a majority of situations. In a way composition and design - either 2D or 3D is teaching a craft. It is setting a strong foundation that involves skill. There is also a lot of art that transcends craft and is purely expression. So, yes and no.

Is your work relevant outside the art world? I believe it is. I believe that when a person looks at art there is an immediate emotional response, and my art is relevant outside of the art world if for no other reason than to provoke an emotion.

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