Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Knitting up a storm!

Since my last post I have been knitting up a storm - almost literally. My vortex piece is complete and constructed. In order to get the top of to open up I had to knit it on a long straight loom and gradually cast off the ends down to the same number of pegs as my circle loom has. It is approximately 24 feet long (I was hoping to get 12) but may shorten up some once I add the forms inside. This piece was constructed in three pieces then knitted together into one.

Those forms are going to be pillow-ish to represent figures that are being consumed/constricted. I am going to sew these together this evening and begin to stuff them - this is basically the last bit of trouble shooting to do other than installing.

I have put my flag pieces on the back burner so that I can do more research and decide which direction to go in.

Pictures will posted as the installation process has started!

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